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The alexandrossportscenter company was founded by Choudeloudi Brothers in 1987 and it has been directed on the exclusive representation of the painting machines and spare parts of well-known companies, as Wagner and Kremlin

 Afterwards, there was a development on the production of polyurethan machines, machines for the adhesive processing and polyurethan products made according to European specifications

 Main target of our company is the continuous improvement of our machines according to the European market's requests as also the upgrading of our services for the complitely satisfaction of our clients  


Choudeloudi Bros Co- alexandrossportscenter

Industrial Area of Thessaloniki- Greece

Tel: +30 2310-799630  &  +30 2310-799757

 Fax: +30 2310-797635

email: [email protected]

alexandrossportscenter - Bros